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Here at Superdogel Australia, our philosophy is simple – ‘Because every dog is beautiful’. From the cheekiest Chihuahuas to the most gracious Great Danes, dogs influence the world we live in – how we live, laugh and socialise. And we believe that dogs inspire us to enjoy the most out of life.

PhilosophyThat’s why we’ve dedicated a web magazine and blog dedicated to the everlasting beauty and faithfulness of our favourite friends. Our mission is to research and showcase the best products we can find (some of which you can find in our SHOP page). We also have a directory of preferred service providers (a full list will be available mid 2017 in our PET CARE directory). And we want to present this information in the most entertaining way we can.

We also like to hear from our readers

For the human folk we aim to keep all dog lovers entertained with the gloss and glam of what goes on in our four-legged friends’ worlds. That’s why even though our constant mission to be always relevant and always dog-influencial, Superdogel Australia also likes to hear from our readers. So, if there are any comments, advice, or you just want to tell us of a product or service we really should know about, please send us an email and a short description on our contact page. We endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible with a response.

Philosophy - Man and DogWith your help, we can continue to strive to bring the best we can find to dog lovers all over Australia, and the rest of the world.

In the meantime, we hope that you enjoy Superdogel Australia. We thank you for your support.


The Superdogel Australia team.