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As you may have heard, we’re back again. So, here are my Dogoscopes predictions for February 2019.

Dogoscopes - Lapricorn
Lapricorn (22 Dec – 21 Jan) Dogoscopes

Slow down and smell the roses, Laricorn, for this month you’ll be rushing off your paws. Work commitments may seem your priority, but family shouldn’t be forgotten. Take the pups for a walk around the block, or to the dog beach. They’ll love you for it.

Monthly lucky advice : Smelling roses is just a proverbial saying, but if smelling real ones, pack some anti-histamines to go.

Dogoscopes - Acurious
Acurious (22 Jan – 19 Feb) Dogoscopes

You’ll find yourself in the spotlight this month, and at the front of the parade. Causes are also very important to you, so if you’ve been thinking of starting a petition, now is the time to get it circulating! Assertive energy is in abundance this month, and dogs everywhere will be listening to your bark.

Monthly lucky advice : If you are going to a march, make sure you wear proper shoes. Or stay out of the sun. Burnt paws aren’t fun.

Dogoscopes - Piesees
Piesees (20 Feb – 20 Mar) Dogoscopes

You’re on a natural chill pill this month, Piesees, because comfort levels are high. After a hectic January, it’s now time to relax and enjoy this time. Maybe seek out a doga class near you, and restore any unused energy as you will need it in months to come.

Monthly lucky advice : P.S. Also enjoy that overdue bath. Don’t be scared if you normally are.

Dogoscopes - Glaries
Glaries (21 Mar – 20 Apr) Dogoscopes

Spread your wings this month, Glaries. This month is a month of collaborations and networking, and old prospects to re-appear. Now is the time to fly high and shine bright. No feet on the ground for you this month, Glaries.

Monthly lucky advice : Maybe chat again to Bruno the bulldog about that dog coat business you wanted to start. Autumn is on it’s way.

Dogoscopes - Pawrus
Pawrus (21 Apr – 20 May) Dogoscopes

Time to sit down and set some goals, Pawrus. Because what was working last year isn’t working this year. Step back from daily life and work out what you want, and a simple paws to the floor is what the doctor ordered. A favourite mentor from the past may reemerege.

Monthly lucky advice : Maybe get your Hooman parent to help you write these goals down. Those pens are tricky to hold.

Dogoscopes - Canini
Canini (21 May – 21 Jun) Dogoscopes

Get ready for some new adventures this month, Canini, as a month of growth and travel comes your way. So, whether you’re popping down to the shops, or popping off interstate, go big. There is a new adventure on every horizon.

Monthly lucky advice : Just make sure you’re still on a leash wherever you go. You don’t want your Hooman parents to get a fine.

Dogoscopes - Prancer
Prancer (22 Jun – 22 Jul) Dogoscopes

Reflection is the key this month, Prancer. Too much socialising may be detrimental rather than helpful. A few days on the quiet side will give you a renewed energy. Also, keep your closest friends closer than normal – your wolf pack is dearly needed this month.

Monthly lucky advice : Maybe invest in a ‘beware of dog’ sign. It will keep annoying strangers at bay.

Dogoscopes - Fleao
Fleao (23 Jul – 23 Aug) Dogoscopes

You might be strong and independent this month, Fleao, but you will relish in joining the other dogs at the park. Or at a festival. Because as the sun burns in the companionship and causes areas of your chart, relationships are key.

Monthly lucky advice : Red is definitely your colour to stand out this month.

Dogoscopes - Furgo
Furgo (24 Aug – 23 Sep) Dogoscopes

Now’s the time to look again at your New Year’s resolution, Furgo, for this is your month of health and fitness. You’ll especially be inspired to look at what you eat. I’m not saying that you won’t eat it – you are a dog, after all. Balance is the key.

Monthly lucky advice : We have one more month of barkini weather left before we head into Autumn, Furgo. Just saying!

Dogoscopes - Fleabra
Fleabra (24 Sep – 23 Oct) Dogoscopes

You may find yourself rubbing shoudlers with love heart emojis this month, because romance comes your way, Fleabra. Old flames may be re-ignited, or a new interest just over the horizon. But whatever comes your way, it will be fun.

Monthly lucky advice : Have a bouquet of bones on the ready to share, just in case.

Dogoscopes - Snorepio
Snorepio (24 Oct – 22 Nov) Dogoscopes

Feeling domestic this month, Snorepio? Well no wonder. You find yourself being drawn more to your home, family ties will be stronger than ever this month. A new challenge is nigh, and these bonds are those that will bring every dog closer.

Monthly lucky advice : Snuggling with the kids and laying your head on Hooman parents laps will be soothing.

Dogoscopes - Wagittarius
Wagittarius (23 Nov – 21 Dec) Dogoscopes

You are speaker of the house this month, Wagittarius. Or should I say barker? Because as the sun in in your communicative house this month, you sure have something to say. Chat rooms and dog meet ups will be great for you this month.

Monthly lucky advice : Maybe keep the barking down after 9pm. Just to keep the neighbourhood happy.

Dogoscopes - Dex

That’s my Dogoscopes for February 2019 everybuddy. Until next month, woofers!


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