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Every day, Greyhound as Pets work to help greyhounds find foster homes so they can live a long and happy life. There are so many misconceptions about greyhounds and the truth is they’re very sweet dogs with a real friendly demeanour. They are easy to train, highly intelligent, and are kid friendly. As they are often used in racing, it has had a detrimental effect on their reputation.

However, like with all dogs, there can be some behavioural problems along the way and this infographic hopes to solve some of these issues for dogs and dog owners. This can include simple things like barking and begging but also involve more serious things like biting. The truth is that any dog can bite when they feel threatened or nervous so it’s vital that all dogs are socialised early.

Of course, we are often responsible for the behavioural issues our dogs have and if your dog doesn’t get enough exercise or mental stimulation, it can lead to a variety of issues. Dog owners must understand that changes in a dog’s routine can affect them badly so you need to ensure that you stick to a schedule.

Other behavioural issues

Other common issues are with separation anxiety and whining for attention. In these situations, it is again the reasonability of the dog owner to train their dog how to manage these situations. With separation anxiety, it is vital that you build up your dog’s resistance. Leave them alone for 5 or 10 minutes initially and come back. Slowly build up the time spent away and after a while your dog will be calmer because he knows that you will eventually return. The same goes for when your dog whines for attention. Don’t always give in to their demands when they demand attention and pet and play with them when they’re not whining.

Check out more tricks and tips with the Infographic below.

Greyhounds as Pets - Visual Assett

All information in this article is kindly provided by Tom Clarke, Marketing Manager, Greyhounds as Pets.

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    My Mum had a greyhound once. Beautiful dog – name was ‘Ginger’.

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