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This month’s dog horcosopes predicts dogs growling and howling at the moon. So strap in and buckle up for what could potentially be a bumpy ride.

Dog Horoscopes - Capricorn - Superdogel Australia
Capricorn Dog Horoscopes (22 Dec – 21 Jan)

This month may seem a little hot this month, or is it just you Capricorn? Dogs all over the neighhood will be jealous of your achievements, so be wary. Keep your bones close and your frenimies closer. And if it all gets too much, just slip on that barkini and go to the beach to escape. After all – Spring is nearly Sprung.

Dog Horoscopes - Aquarius (Superdogel Australia)
Aquarius Dog Horoscopes (22 Jan – 19 Feb)

Just be patient, Aquarius. Sometimes your inquisitive nature can get you sniffing up the wrong tree. Cats may have nine lives, but you have one. So believe me when I say that this is the month you have been barking for. The flurry of activity this month will change your voice come September.

Dog Horoscopes - Pisces (20 Feb - 20 Mar) Superdogel Australia
Pieces Dog Horoscopes (20 Feb – 20 Mar)

August is a hectic month for you, Pieces. Through running the sidewalk and chasing frisbees around the park, you may feel like a hampster on a wheel. Collect those loose leashes and pull tight. And make sure to leave some room for those huge energy charges coming your way.

Dog Horoscopes - Aries - Superdogel Australia
Aries Dog Horoscopes (21 Mar – 20 Apr)

This month will see you in the spotlight, Aries, so brush off those dogwebs! But just be careful – too much basking in the limelight will have other pooches’ tongues wagging. An unexpected surprise also awaits you this month. Just make sure to take a break once in a while to receive it.

Dog Horoscopes - Taurus - Superdogel Australia
Taurus Dog Horoscopes (21 Apr – 20 May)

Your heart will pull on your adventurous strings this month, Taurus. Whether you re-visit the place where you grew up, or travelling to the countryside, excitement is for you. Taking your best friend is advisable, whether human or dog. This month two is better than one.

Dog Horoscopes - Gemini - Superdogel Australia
Gemini Dog Horoscopes (21 May – 21 Jun)

You’re in you’re element this month, Gemini, and woofing over with inspirational conversations. Holding down the pack wherever you go, young pups will look up to you for inspiration and guidance. Nothing is too much this month, Gemini – let it all out.

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Dog Horoscopes - Cancer - Superdogel Australia
Cancer Dog Horoscopes (22 Jun – 22 Jul)

It might be time to get back to basics, Cancer, as July was all over the yard for you. Collect your bones, and bring them to one spot. Simplification is the key. Set priorities in your life and only get the basics done. Too much chasing of your tail makes spot one tired pup.

Dog Horoscopes - Leo - Superdogel Australia
Leo Dog Horoscopes (23 Jul – 23 Aug)

August is a a massive head turn for you this month, Leo. So don’t blink or you’ll miss it. Your relationships will match the dog that you’ve become – whether they are with hoomans or other canines. Learn new tricks if you need the attention – it’s all in woofing, good fun.

Dog Horoscopes - Virgo - Superdogel Australia
Virgo Dog Horoscopes (24 Aug – 23 Sep)

You are one busy dog this month, Furgo. It may just explain why you are feeling a little low on energy. Whilst your boy may be crying out for some some R and R, your mind is at full speed ahead. You may be wanting to rest, and feeling like you need to chase possums at the same time. Balance is the key.

Dog Horoscopes - Libra - Superdogel Australia
Libra Dog Horoscopes (24 Sep – 23 Sep)

After a very hard July, Librans are ready to spread their wings – I mean paws. And you are no different. Your social butterfly calender will be off the charts this month. From puppy classes to full-on dog runs, August will be a busy time for you.

Scorpio Dog Horoscopes (24 Oct – 22 Nov)

While others are planning their spring breaks to dog-friendly accomodations, you’ll be working hard on that overdue assignment. Work is in your dog-house this month, and you’ll be determined to make it work for you. With so many canines out of the picture, you have the skills and know-how.

Dog Horoscopes - Sagittarius - Superdogel Australia
Sagittarius Dog Horoscopes (23 Nov – 21 Dec)

This month sees you go out on a new business venture, or on a surprise holiday. Who knows? The life wheel of roulette is spinning and you don’t even know what number you’ll land on. Embrace what this month brings, and enjoy the chance. Lady luck will come your way.

Dogoscopes - Dex

That’s my dog horoscopes for August 2019 everydoggy. Until next month, woofers!


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