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Spring has definitely sprung, my doggy friends. So, here are my go horoscopes for February 2019.

Dog Horosopes - Capricorn - Superdogel Australia
Capricorn Dog Horoscopes (22 Dec – 21 Jan)

Change is in the air this month, Laricorn. Or is it a case of a little Spring cleaning? Out with the old, and not to just bury them with your bones. Replace everything with new. New toys, and maybe a summer bed. Just be careful who your share your new things with – jealous pooches can always take what you have.

Dog Horosopes - Aquarius - Superdogel Australia
Aqurious Dog Horoscopes (22 Jan – 19 Feb)

Communication is the key this month, Aquarius. Trust issues may also arise. But never fear my water-carrier. These situations are always temporary and pass. Don’t take heed of doggy rumours at the park. You will rise above them all. An unexpected friend you thought was a foe will also come to your defence.

Dog Horoscopes - Pisces - Superdogel Australia
Pieces Dog Horoscopes (20 Feb – 20 Mar)

You’re personal goals will be fulfilled this month, Pisces. But it’s your relationships that need the most attention. Whilst looking to achieve what you need, don’t forget those around you. Because one can forget an aloof pooch. Cuddle your owners often. Rewards will be huge.

Dog Horoscopes - Aries - Superdogel Australia
Aries Dog Horosopes (21 Mar – 20 Apr)

Clear your inbox this month, Aries. You tend to have way too much on your plate (or bowl) as it is. And be ready for some turbulence because this month will be bumpy. A certain dog you know wants what you have, and he / she will do nothing to get it. So keep your frenemies close, but your bones closer.

Dog Horoscopes - Taurus - Superdogel Australia
Taurus Dog Horosopes (21 Apr – 20 May)

Finally time to breathe in some fresh air, Taurus. Because those last few weeks of winter were stale, to say the least. A day trip to the country, or beach, never hurt any dog. Or human, to say the least. Get out and about with your owner(s), Taurus. Because new life brings new opputunites.

Dog Horoscopes - Gemini - Superdogel Australia
Gemini Dog Horoscopes (21 May – 21 Jun)

This month starts off a little slow for you Gemini, but before too long, you’ll be running on all four paws. Personal matters will fade away, like distant memories in the background. If you and your owners are moving house, make sure they take your dog bed too. You never know when you might need your own space.

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Dog Horoscopes - Cancer - Superdogel Australia
Cancer Dog Horoscopes (22 Jun – 22 Jul)

This month will be abuzz with possibilities, Cancer. Your dog pager will be ringing off it’s hook. You’ll be invited to many occasions this month, but remember not to take time off standing on those paws. Take time out for a doggy spa or treatment. You deserve it.

Dog Horoscopes - Leo - Superdogel Australia
Leo Dog Horosopes (23 Jul – 23 Aug)

Always the life of the party, Leo, this month proves to be no different. Your sun is definitely shining brightly this month. Home and posessions are also good for you as a big surprise awaits opening. Make sure you don’t party too hard and miss out on the oppurtunity.

Dog Horoscopes - Virgo - Superdogel Australia
Virgo Dog Horoscopes (24 Aug – 23 Sep)

Prepare your awards speech, Virgo. Because this month is going to be huge for you. And that’s not just because it’s your birthday season. Everything you’ve worked hard for (or dug for) will come to the surface. So sit back and enjoy all that is to come to you in September.

Dog Horoscopes - Libra - Superdogel Australia
Libra Dog Horoscopes (24 Sep – 23 Oct)

After a tough winter, it’s time to shine, Libra. Dust off those dog-webs and enjoy the Spring sunshine. Renew depleated vitality levels, and go for a run or a swim. Also, decrease those treats. Barkini weather is only twelve weeks away!

Dog Horoscopes - Scorpio - Superdogel Australia
Scorpio Dog Horoscopes (24 Oct – 22 Nov) 

if you’re feeling like a control freak this month, Scorpio, it’s no surprise. Your stingy tail sure has some bite in it. Just remember, don’t forget to listen to what other doggies have to say. Balance is the key. Take that advice from your Libran friends.

Dog Horoscopes - Sagittarius - Superdogel Australia
Sagittarius Dog Horoscopes (23 Nov – 21 Dec)

Your career will be in full swing this month, Sagittarius. The cosmic force of your star will boost you ahead. Take precautions for any setbacks though. There’s a lot of dogs out there that want to be speaker of the box. Keep plugging away, and rewards will be aplenty for you.

Dogoscopes - Dex

That’s my dog horoscopes for September 2019. Until next month, woofers!


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