Dex’s Dogoscopes for 3rd – 9th Dec 2015

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December begins with your weekly predictions and premonitions in this edition of your Dogoscopes.

Lapricorn (22 Dec – 21 Jan) It’s not too early to start setting resolutions and goals for 2016, Lapricorn. This week sees you with quizzical looks on your face as you ponder what may lie ahead in the year to come. Dogoscopes Lapricorn
Acurious (22 Jan – 19 Feb) It will be a difficult week of trying to juggle your responsibilities with pleasure this week, Acurious. Balance your time wisely between chasing cats or other predators and your more enjoyable activities like eating, sleeping and playing. Dogoscopes Acurious
Piesees (20 Feb – 20 Mar) Your mind seeks new stimulation this week, Piesees. Explore new territory on your walks or find new objects and friends to play with. Dogoscopes Piesees
Glaries (21 Mar – 20 Apr) Wellbeing is a central focus of your week, Glaries. Make sure you’re up to date with all your health checks, flea treaments and deworming. Maintaining good health requires discipline. Dogoscopes Glaries
Pawrus (21 Apr – 20 May) Affection dominates your week, Pawrus. If you’re lucky, you may find a new romance. Otherwise, simply show gratitude to your owners with extra licks and snuggles. Dogoscopes Pawrus
Canini (21 May – 21 Jun) This week will run more smoothly for you, Canini, if you simply work behind the scenes, observing and being the silent ruler of your territory. Avoid aggression and excessive barking. Dogoscopes Canini
Prancer (22 Jun – 22 Jul) Give yourself time and space this week, Prancer, to day-dream, imagine and visualise. You’ll find a solution to a pressing problem that haunts you, be it boredom, loneliness or a pest that torments you. Dogoscopes Prancer
Fleao (23 Jul – 23 Aug) Education features in your week Fleao. Learn a new command or trick. Additional scholarship will put you at the top of your class. Dogoscopes Fleao
Furgo (24 Aug – 23 Sep) This week, Furgo, don’t do things by halves. If you’re burying a bone, cover it completely. When eating meals, lick the bowl clean. Finish whatever you start. Dogoscopes Furgo
Fleabra (24 Sep – 23 Oct) When dealing with others this week, Fleabra, diplomacy wins. Whether they be two or four legged creatures, kindness prevails. Exhibit your best doggie touch. Dogoscopes Fleabra
Snorepio (24 Oct – 22 Nov) Adventure awaits you this week, Snorepio. There’s new territory to explore on your daily walks with surprises lurking in yards and parks. Have fun! Dogoscopes Snorpeo
Wagittarius (23 Nov – 21 Dec) This week sees you starting your Christmas shopping, Wagittarius. Rummage through your toybox or the yard to find bones and other items that you might be able to re-gift to your friends. Dogoscopes Wagittarius

Dogoscopes - Dex the dogoscoper
Have a great week everydoggy,


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