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April 2018 update – The Dogue ‘Plastic Fantastic’ melamine dog bowls have been discontinued, but the good news is that Squish ‘Delish Dish’ melamine dog bowls are exactly the same – same great sizes, colours and prints. They even have the same non-slip, rubber base. The only difference between the two is the name printed on the underside of the bowl.
We do have very limited stock left under the Dogue ‘Plastic Fantastic’ range if you are particularly after the original Dogue brand, namely red (small), red (medium), red (large) or pink (medium) bowls. We will sell them only until stocks last. Please contact the Superdogel Australia customer service team on (03) 9523 1243 or for any concerns or enquiries.

If you want a dog bowl, you really can’t go past the melamine Squish / Dogue dog bowls. Bright and brassy, looks aren’t their only attractive feature because even though they’re made of melamine, they actually look like they’re made from glass. So not only are they hot to look at, they’re tough as well.

These Squish / Dogue dog bowls were actually half the reason I started Superdogel Australia. When I first got Daphne, I’d feed her (back then in a non-skid bowl) and head off to work. By the time I got home, she’d manage to slide her bowl across the floor and flip food everywhere. So after a hard day’s work, I’d then spend half the night scraping her daily food masterpieces off the wall.

One day I wondered if there was a better bowl for boxers’ tough noses. That’s when I came across these little beauties. My favourite part of them are the base. Made out of heavy rubber, they’re skid resistant. That means that not only pup can get to his / her food more easily, but there’s less chance of the bowl being tipped over.


So, how did they half-inspire me so start Superdogel Australia? Well, they took a few hours to find, but I eventually did. And I remember thinking to myself at the time. ‘Why isn’t there a website with these on?’

Hence that’s why Superdogel Australia was born – to find all the beautiful and functional stuff out there for dogs and plonk it on one site.

What was the other reason you ask? Well, of course that reason is none other than Daphne. Awwwww.

Back to the Squish / Dogue dog bowls, we well them in three colours – red, navy and pink. And you can find them here.

Small Squish / Dogue dog bowls

Dogue Dog Bowls

Pink (small)

Dogue Dog Bowls - Red (small)

Red (small)

Squish / Dogue - Navy (small)

Navy (small)






Weight : 220 grams
Height : 4.5 cm
Diameter : 10 cm

Medium Squish / Dogue dog bowls


Pink (med)


Navy (med)

Dogue Dog Bowls - Red (medium)

Red (med)






Weight : 630 grams
Height : 7.0 cm
Diameter : 15 cm

Large Squish / Dogue dog bowls

Dogue Dog Bowl - red (large)

Red (large)


Navy (large)

Dogue Dog Bowls - Pink Large

Pink (large)






Weight : 950 grams
Height : 8.5 cm
Diameter : 20 cm

Photography is courtesy of Cara Dione Photography 

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