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If you find winter the worst time to adequately exercise your dog, then you’re not alone. Lower light levels in evenings can limit many of us to a brisk walk or a casual stroll with our favourite friend. And while walking can be justifiable to us human folk who have worked hard all day, moderate exercise might just not suit the needs of our pooches that need to run around. That’s where the GlowThrow steps in – an revolutionary new ball thrower that brightly illuminates balls for your dog to chase.


This ingenious product runs via LED technology, which allows the GlowThrow to brightly charge the non-toxic, glow-in-the-dark ball in between throws. This means the ball is fully charged and glowing for as long as you stay outside. Pooch’s playtime isn’t cut short because the sun is setting, and they receive adequate exercise. And that means you’ll have a happier, healthier dog.

How does the GlowThrow work?

The LED and latest Li-Ion rechargeable battery is placed inside the GlowThrow launcher, which illuminates the non-toxic ball that fits inside the cradle. And because the GlowThrow uses LED technology, the glow-in-the-dark ball can be charged between throws.

Electronics are placed inside the launcher instead of the ball, so you don’t have to worry about your dog chewing on electronics while playing fetch! The launcher is also easily charged from any USB power source, and a charge lasts for a full week of walks and fetch games.

Oh, and because the launcher is completely sealed, it’s cleanable under water too.


How did the idea for the GlowTrow come about?

Lachlan, the GlowThrow inventor and product design engineer, specialises in creating heavy industrial LED lighting for the mining industry. Having worked in a large lighting firm for over seven years, Lachlan’s work often made him get home late from work, and not allow him to play fetch with his dog, Chicken. That’s when the idea for the GlowThrow came about.

Lachlan and his team have spent 12 months and multiple rounds of prototyping and testing to guarantee that the GlowThrow works the way it’s supposed to. They conducted a detailed analysis and testing of the flexural strength of the GlowThrow Launcher and the cable assembly, to make sure it worked under extreme flexing.

How to make a pledge for the Glowthrow

We love this ingenious product, and with pledge prices starting at only $5 for balls and $30 for launchers and balls, this Kickstarter campaign is one to watch.

To find out more to to back this product, click on any of the GIFS / images in this article, or go to the Kickstarter link here.


All photos and GIFs used in this article are courtesy of GlowThrow.

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