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Kellye Richards is one of those people that you cannot help but like. With a smile as big as her heart, her outlook on life is as enigmatic as herself. She shares a house with her partner, daughter, two rescue dogs, two chooks and a cat. But it is her community sense of spirit that really makes Kellye one of a kind.

Kellye runs her own Facebook page ‘Lost and Found Victoria Aus’ – a page purely devoted to Victorians who have lost their domestic companions. It allows owners to turn to the community to help them find their loved ones, or people whom have found animals post photos to the page. But as I found out, Kellye and her Facebook page doesn’t stop there.


Kellye with her latest rescue – Squish. (Photo courtesy of Kellye Richards)

Kellye, hi. Thanks for allowing me to interview you. What made you come up with the idea for your Facebook group?

Thanks for wanting to interview me and shucks you have made me blush with  the intro.  This group was started by another person who either ran out of time  or got bored with it, so they made the call out to ‘likers’ of the group. I joined the page while looking, and still am, for my darling cat who went missing one day.

Oh, I’m sorry to hear about your cat Kellye. What does your work involve?

A lot of sharing.  Basically I have liked or joined most, if not all, of the other Lost and Found pages that are to do with Victoria. When someone either posts a lost or found on their wall, it comes up on my wall so I share.  Then it’s a lot of trying to match lost ones with found ones and finger crossing.

All of the Lost and Found groups I’m connected with are able to ask questions, or warn each other about potential people who claim animals to just sell them. I like to share private rescue pages or no kill shelters pages to raise more awareness for them and possibly raise donations too.

If someone has lost a pet, what are the steps to help them re-unite with them?

I post their animal’s pics so others in their area can share. I also always tell them to ring the microchip company to flag their animal as missing. If the animal is found by someone else we alert the owner. I also recommend that people make flyers and post them around the local area, as well as put flyers in letterboxes.  If it’s a cat that is missing we also recommend they ask neighbors to check sheds, garages, etc. in case the cat accidentally got locked into them

 You can check out Victorian shelters here.

What story do you most remember that has made you glad you started this group? 

Every time I get a message saying they have their furbaby home safe makes my day. But one that does come to mind was a lady who was taking her kittens to the vet for de sexing and chipping. The cage they were in opened and they got out in the vet car park and took off. For weeks this lady searched and searched for her babies. Eventually one had been found passed away after being hit by a car and it was the womans birthday to boot. it broke my heart and we continued the search more desperately  to find the other. Luckily it did get home safe and sound and pregnant. The lady will keep one of the babies and adopt out the others.


Squish relaxing (Photo courtesy of Kellye Richards)

Other than re-uniting people with their pets, what other services do you offer?

I also like to post things that raise awareness to the evils of puppy farms, or animal abuse in big industry that not many people are aware of.  I also post things like bad foods for dogs, info like never leaving animals in hot cars or leaving them outside a shopping center, or warnings of any poisonings in the area as its happening more and more often. But there is much, much more I post as well.

Do you take donations for your work?

No. No pages I am aware of do. We all just do it for the joy of helping fur babies get home to were they are loved and missed.

You do posts other groups asking for donations though?

Sometimes I do try and help out the smaller rescues which are desperately over run by dumped animals and have little to no funds or room to take more. There are also a lot of rescues out there doing amazing jobs and are always looking for volunteers to help either with donations or just time  giving the animals some love and attention. I always tell people never throw out old towels or bedding as the rescues are for ever in need of those sorts of things.

What groups do you follow?

I follow groups like Oscars’ law and Animals Australia, and regularly share their posts to help raise awareness to their causes. I also follows a lot of private rescues like Jedimals, Puppy Tales, Edgars Mission, Ingrid’s Haven , Second Chance Rescue and Pets Haven. There are also some municipalities like Kingston, Mornington and Brimbank councils, and I post pics of found animals their rangers have picked up.

What is the future mission of Lost and Found Victoria?

Our cover pic says it all – “I have a dream that one day all animals will be safe , loved and cared for ” Thanks so much for your time Kellye, and I think that what you are doing is fantastic.

To look at and register for Lost and Found Victoria Australia, go to

Cover photo supplied by Kellye Richards

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  1. Where Pets Are Found October 31, 2014 at 7:49 pm - Reply

    Lovely article on Kellye and thanks for linking to our Lost Pet Guide for VIC!
    We can help campaign Lost, Found & Adoptable Pets across all social media, regardless of location. So, if Facebook & your immediate circle have been saturated and your pet is not back home… Register with us and well get to work!
    Best wishes,

    • Chris James November 3, 2014 at 9:06 am - Reply

      Thanks for your great comments Annette and keep up with the great work that you are doing. Rescue groups like yours are invaluable to people who have lost their pets.

  2. Heather Ferguson November 1, 2014 at 10:33 pm - Reply

    Im from Scotland and am a good friend of Kellye…just from her facebook…So Proud of Kellye and what she does for ‘furbabies’ and ppl…Kellye + squish make a great team…they were made for each other ♡♡
    Then you have Kellye the Mummy + Wife…SUPERHERO! ♡

    • Chris James November 3, 2014 at 9:13 am - Reply

      Hi Heather,
      Lovely to hear your response and thanks for posting. Kellye is an absolute gem and I wish the world was full of people like her. She is devoted to helping animals and we wanted to pay her the homage that people like her and others like her deserve. Plus I think it’s important to highlight the selfless and amazing work that she does so that people in the future who lose their loved animals know that there is somewhere to go.
      But appreciate the comments and hope you continue to follow Superdogel.

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