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If eyes could melt, then Stella, our gorgeous July cover girl would wins paws down. For this gorgeous 6 year old bocker (mostly beagle with a little cocker spaniel in her) has the type of gaze that can defrost the coldest, most wintery day. Just one look into this gorgeous Elwood native’s soul makes you fall in love with her. Just like I unashamedly did. Hence why I had to make her this season’s cover girl.

In this crazy time of self-isolation, rule changing and working from home, one thing is for sure. Just one look from this girl makes you feel that everything will be just fine. That feeling is doubled of course if you have snacks. I mean, hello – she is mostly beagle.

Stella - if Eyes could melt body 1

Like most dogs these days, Stella has kept her mum, Elissa, company whilst she works from her lounge room. But Stella, along with her fur-sister, Ally (8, a beaglier) have entertained Elissa in off-times too. ‘Stella’s crib’ is the space given to the space under Elissa’s bed now. ‘It’s where pizza boxes, toys and everything are dragged to meet their endlaughs Elissa.

‘As much as it amuses me,’ Elissa continues, ‘It breaks my heart to pull back food containers. When I remove them, she still gives me that look, but still tries.’

Dreaming of truck driving

Stella sleeps on Elissa’s head, or wants to be spooned at all times. And she can certainly be sooky wanting her mum to cuddle her when she hears loud noises. But she is learning to talk and come out with some really funny attempts during isolation. The funniest thing, Elissa says, is gulping down her dinner, doing a massive burp, then pretending it wasn’t her.

‘But she is learning to talk and come out with some really funny attempts during isolation’ – Elissa.

Although Stella and Ally are inseperable, Stella does dream of becoming a truck driver and hanging out at trucks stops. But though she’d love nothing more than eating burgers and seeing the land, Elissa know she’d miss her mum and sister too much.

Besides, I’m told, Stella can’t even drive.

Love at first sight

When asked how 6 year old Stella came to be with Elissa and Ally, Elissa answered immediately. ‘Ally was my first new rescue and she requested a sister. I contacted a rescue I knew of and they sent me a picture of Stella. It was love at first sight’.

Stella was once the most damaged dog that Elissa had ever rescued. And though she is still very nervous in public, at home she’s described ‘as the boss of the family’.

Stella - if eyes could melt Body 2

Three words to describe Stella are bossy, clownish and sooky. She loves food and cuddles, yet dislikes loud noises and strangers.

Everyday, I’m told, is a laugh. Stella is the cheekiest, funniest dog that Elissa has ever met. Constantly being amused by her antics, Elissa describes Stella as watching The Comedy Channel. 

For the moment, though, we’ll just look into those dreamy eyes.

Stella and Ally – inseperable

Photos courtesy of Cara Dione Photography.

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