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A few years ago I reviewed the Sporn harness. And I have to admit, three years on, I still have the same admiration for this simple, yet effective, harness. And when I say simple – I truly mean it. Sporn is one of the simplest training and walking harnesses I’ve used to date.

You just clip the dog’s harness at the back of the neck, thread the legs through, adjust the restraint cords, and go.

Sporn Sporn Training Harness - Sporn Harness

You just clip the clip the dog’s harness at the back of the neck, thread the legs through, adjust the restraint cords, and go.

Strong enough for strong pullers such as Daphne and Dexter, walks are a breeze. Perfect for both dogs and owners alike.

Sporn harness – still simple to use

Why do I love the this dog harness so much? Well, let me start with some other harnesses first.

Some harnesses tend to fasten around the body with the ring somewhere at the top. The fact the ring is inserted at the top doesn’t discourage pulling – in fact, it can encourage it. The dog can actually use his / her full body weight at its strongest centre of gravity, which puts pressure on you as well as the dog.

The Sporn training harness however is constructed so that the front straps go around the dog’s chest at the front, under the arms and through the ring at the back. So, when the dog pulls, his / her weight actually tightens the straps around the chest and under the front legs, constricting the dog’s natural leg movement. I find also that this action doesn’t choke the dogs as all the pressure is placed under the dog.


Fully adjustable, we sell the harness in basic black in sizes small, medium, large and extra-large.

Size(s)                                     Neck Size(s)

Small                                       22-30 cms      

Medium                                  30-43 cms

Large                                       43-60 cms

Extra Large                            53 – 83 cms

Want to see the sporn halter in action? Here is the Sporn YouTube video.

Photo of dalmation wearing a Sporn training harness and Sporn YouTube video courtesy of The Sporn Company.

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