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Last weekend, bonnets and bunny-ear headpieces were donned the world over. Chocolate eggs were left at childrens’ front doors, fruit buns warmed in the oven. Even the thought of an extra day or two holiday was enough excitement for some.

Of course the holiday was Easter, and dogs everywhere got into the excitement of the season. And when dogs get excited about something – they do what they do best. They post it all on Instagram!

Pandora was an early riser with her bonnet and basket, Yoshi looked marvellous amongst the daffodils, and Pikelet and his sidekick were just wonderful with the ducks. Nikko posted a message that was straight to the point, Indy gave great face as always, and Hank and co. celebrated the season with celebratory headgear. Darcie and friend said it all in their post, and Stella had some words to say (or more to the point – post).

From bonnets to bunny-ears, these Instadogels definitely got you into the spirit of the season.

Check out our favourite ‘Instadogels of Easter 2016’ photos below.

1. Pandora (photo courtesy of @pandoraboxerpup)

Instadogels - Pandora Boxer Pup









2. Yoshi (photo courtesy of @yoshithecavalier)

Instadogels - Yoshi









3. Pikelet (photo courtesy of @lifeofpikelet)

Instadogels - Life of Pikelet









4. Nikko (photo courtesy of @notorious_nikko)

Instadogels - Nikko









5. Indy (photo courtesy of @indy_puppy)

Instadogels - Indy









6. Hank (photo courtesy of @mista_hank)

Instadogels @mista_hank









7. Darcie (photo courtesy of @heydiddledarcie)

Instadogels @heydiddledarcie









8. Stella (photo courtesy of @stellaweimaraner)

(8) @stellaweimaraner


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  1. Barbara April 4, 2016 at 8:39 am - Reply

    That first photo is just gorgeous. Those ducks look so relaxed.


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