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Ruby, the divine Dogue de Bordeaux, is our cover dog for June 2019. And even though we might be heading into the winter season, her smile is warm enough to defrost even the chilliest of days. Or maybe it’s in her eyes – we’re not really quite sure. But one look from this loveable and gentle beauty just makes you feel deliciously warm and gooey inside.

This Resevoir (Melbourne) native captured our hearts the moment our eyes locked on her picture in her Dads’ phone. A few ‘Oooooohs’ and ‘Aaaaaahs’ escaped from our mouths, so shooting her for the Superdogel cover was a must. Her dads, Julian and Mark, were up for it as well. And it’s easy to see why – this girl is the apple of their eyes.

Ruby and Zara

Ruby, June 2019, Superdogel Australia cover dog

Ruby was adopted with her then “sister” Zara (a Neapolitan Mastiff). Both Ruby and her Zara were in NSW, and desperately needed a home. After watching a short video clip of the two girls, Julian and Mark flew them down to Melbourne! This is without even meeting them. Life, I am told by her dads, has never been the same since.

Julian and Mark used to blame Ruby for all the chewing, the digging and general damage. It was only after Zara passed away that they realised it was Zara doing all the damage!

(And yes Ruby – your dads do say sorry for the blame!)

Snores and Velour Track Suits

When I asked what’s one quirk she’s reknowned for, both dads were quick to respond. Ruby snores! They say it’s so loud, they hear her upstairs. Thankfully she doesn’t she sleep in their room, otherwise they would get none themselves.

Ruby, June 2019, Superdogel Australia cover dog

They also tell me that Ruby loves watching the ladies in their neighbourhood walking past our house in velour track suits.

And when asked to offer a little advice, they both add in to adopt a rescue dog. Also, they advise, to get pet insurance. It may seem like a lot of money, but when health issues occur, you will be grateful for the support.

Ruby and Zara have changed their lives, and made our house into a home. And with a mastiff, they tell me that you will forever be cleaning drool off the furniture, the walls, the windows, and your clothes.

But in the end, they also note, it’s worth every second. 

Ruby, June 2019, Superdogel Australia cover dog

Ruby’s coat suits Melanie Newman Relax Shampoo and Melanie Newman Relax Conditioner. She also can wear Melanie Newman Relax Coat Conditioning Spray.

Photography courtesy of Cara Dione Photography.

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